Promotion popular world cup Brazil hand waving flag
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Promotion popular world cup Brazil hand waving flag

Promotion popular world cup Brazil hand waving flag

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Botswana's flag is rectangular with a ratio of 3:2. In the middle of the flag is a wide black line, two light blue horizontal rectangles, black and light blue between two white thin lines. Black represents the majority of Botswana's black population; White represents a minority of the population, such as whites; Blue symbolizes blue sky and water. The flag means that under the blue sky of Africa, black and white people unite and live together.

Product Description


1. Material100% polyester
— a. Polyester 68D(60g); 100D(75g)
— b. Knitted Polyester80g; 110g; 120g; 120g mesh; 130g; 150g; 150g mesh; 230g; 300g;
— c. Spun-Poly/Wool-Like300D(116g); 600D(160g)
— d. OthersSatin; Satin-Knitted Polyester; Oxford; Non-Woven; Twill(Uniform) fabric
2. ColorPANTONE Color System; CMYK; Solid Color; Spot Colour; Gradient Color
3. SizeCustomized/Any size can be made
 Common Country Flag size: 3'x5'; 4'x6'; 2'x3'; etc.
4. Printing SkillSilk Screen Printing; Digital Printing
— a. Silk Screen Printingsingle layer, 100% back side image penetration
— b. Digital Printingsingle layer, 80% back side image penetration

double layers, two confederate printing bannerss sewing together, with or 

without black-out lining

5. Logo

Customized/Any design can be made/AI or PDF artwork need to 

be provided

6. UsagePole; Stick; Hand; Car; Wall; Table; Rope; Strings; Any other attachment
7. Accessory/Attachment

Customized/Any accessories can be made on the confederate printing 


— a. BasicGrommet; Eyelet; Pole; Rope; Toggle; Hook; Clip; Loop; Strings; etc.
— b. OthersLabel; Hang tag; Cardboard; Adhesive Sticker
8. Sleeve/Pole PocketWhite; Black; Same color as the confederate printing banners; etc.
9. Stitches

double sewing lines; Single sewing lines; Four sewing lines; Corner 

reinforcement; etc.

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Country national flag

Garden flag

Car  flag

Hand flag

Table flag

String flag



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